1. Legal
    Marriage and Birth Certificates Adoption Documents Drivers Licence Criminal Checks Registration Records Court Decisions Insurance Claims Power of Attorney Citizenship Cetificates
  2. Business
    Business Plan and Proposals Marketing and Promotional Materials Correspondences Financial Analysis Partnership Agreements Contracts Catalogs Corporate Registration Business Licences Packaging and Labelling
  3. Immigration
    Permanent Residency Applications Study Permit Work Permit Refugee Application Citizenship Applications Court Documents Status Check Criminal Checks Travel Documents
  4. Technical
    Engineering Projects Blueprints Manuals Patents Specifications of Items Data Sheets of Components Test Methods Manufacturing Standards Quad Charts
  5. Academic
    School Reports and Records Transcripts Resumes Diplomas Certifications Research Papers Conference Presentations Statement of Purpose Writing Samples
  6. Medical
    Medical History Record Discharge Summary Medical Test Results Mental Status Examination Operative Report Doctor`s Note Orders and Prescriptions Dental Records
  7. Websites & Software Localization
    Translation Actual Localization Information architecture Theme and navigation Graphics Photographs Audio and Visual Internationalization
  8. Projects
    Book Translations Graduation Thesis Proposals


  1. Consecutive Interpretation
    Court Hearings Business Meetings Medical Appointments Interviews
  2. Voice-over Interpretation
    Radio & TV Production Filmmaking Theatre Presentation Long-form Interpretation
  3. Video-remote Interpretation
    Parent-teacher Meetings Business Meetings Interviews Conferences

Proofreading & Consulting

  1. Tutoring
    Providing Turkish courses in different levels
  2. Accent Reduction
    Helping you reduce your Turkish accent
  3. Long Term Language Solutions
    Providing service based on Ongoing Service Agreement to organizations in need of long term translation and/or interpretation services.
  4. Proofreading
    We provide professional proofreading service for your writings.